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Established in 2008, Differ Group Holding Company Ltd. (the Group), started as a financial services company, we grew to become a substantial financial institution with businesses spanning from financial services to cultural tourism. The Group was listed on the Growth Enterprise Market in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (SEHK) in December 2013, making us the first non-bank financing company listed in Hong Kong in the “Economic Zone West to the Taiwan Strait”. In July, 2015, we transferred our listing to the Main Board (Stock Code: 6878.HK). Because of our consistent and rapid growth, the Group was ranked 11th in the 2015 Forbes China Top 100 Potential Listed Enterprises and was awarded the title of “Most Valuable Financial Stock Company” in the 2017 Golden Hong Kong Stock Award selection.

Our financial services was supported by asset management. On top of that, we are also armed with financial technology and the licenses issued by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, the Group is able to continue  its expansion into overseas businesses in securities trading and asset management.

Our striving for success does not stop here. The Group uses its financial expertise to expand its scope of operation beyond financial holding. In 2018, we expanded into tourism industry with a specific focus on cultural tourism. Asset classes include industrial assets, commercial assets, hotel assets and residential assets. Thus the Group has created and industry-and-finance-integrated business model, which is efficient and flexible. This business model fits right into our moral: “discover, create and realize value”.

“Integrity, Gratitude, Prudence and Trailblazing” from the foundation of our business. We actively seek opportunities by taking advantage of the upward trend of new economic and create financial situations according to the ever changing market conditions. We are committed to establishing a comprehensive financial service platform and drawing on a diverse asset management blueprint so as to bring value to our shareholders and stakeholders.

  • History


    2018     Differ Group was granted licenses from SFC of Hong Kong to carrry out Type 1 (Dealing in Securities) and Type 9 (Asset Management) regulated activities.

    2017     Differ Group acquired the Differ Cultural Tourism Group Company Limtied effectively extending to the business chain of asset management to the field of value assets.

    2016     Differ Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CCRE Group to develop the commercial factoring business.

    2015     Diifer Group Holdings Company Limited successfully listd on main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 6878.HK).

    2014     Differ Group Hong Kong Branch was founded and started expanding its international business.

    2013     Differ Group Holding Company Limited listed in HKEX, being the first non-banking financing company on the west of the Taiwan Strait listed in HKEX (Stock Code:8056.HK).

    2012     Differ Group signed cooperation agreement valued at about 1 billion RMB with Huli District and made a successful bid on 2012P06 land plot of Huli Cross-strait Financial and started to build the Differ Fortune Center.

    2011     Differ Group moved its head office in Floor23, 11#, Guanyinshan Operation Center, Xiamen.

    2010     Differ Financail Guarantee Limited was moved to Lixin Square of Xiamen from Quanzhou.

    2009     Differ Finance Holdings s Limited acquired Differ Financing Guarantee Limited.

    2008     Differ Finance Holdings Limited was founded and acquired Fujian Differ Pawn Limited.

  • Awards


    2018     Differ Group won the Forbes Asia's Best Under A Billion Awards.

    2017     Differ Group won the Most Valuable Financial Stock Company Awards.

    2016     Differ Group won the "President's Award 2015/2016" issued by The Community Chest.

    2015     Differ Group won the 11th place in the Forbes China's Top 100 Most Promising Listed Companies.

    2015     Differ Group won the "Gold Award" for National Top 10 Financial Platforms of Assisting in the Growth of SMEs.

    2014     Differ Group was award "Top 100 Innovative Model Enterprises".

  • Responsibilty


    When creating business value, Differ Group also undertakes its corporate social responsibilities (CSR) and participates in variable charitable courses.


    Over the years, Differ Group has been focusing on improving the living conditions of the vulnerable and the education of children in remote areas. Until now, Differ Group has donated to build two Differ Hope Primary Schools, one in Fantun, Zhenghe, Fujian Province and another in Longshan, Xingguo, Jiangxi Province. Differ Group’s efforts go beyond just building schools and dormitories but also investing in the healthy growth of children in these less fortunate areas. Legal education program and other voluntary educational activities are organized on a regular basis to keep the children learning. Differ Group believes that  sufficient academic knowledge,  emotional education and moral education  will help the children  pursue their dreams so as to gain brighter futures. 

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