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Cultural Tourism Projects

Cultural Tourism Projects

  • Differ One City
    The Future Urban Center of Longquan City

    Differ One City is a modern urban complex integrating Wanda Plaza, Wyndham Hotel, business office buildings, apartment hotel and high-end residence. There will be twin towers located in the core of Differ One City, and each will be nearly 160 meters’ height. With a total construction area of 560,000 square meters, it’s believed that Differ One City will be the new urban center of Longquan City upon completion.

  • Differ Beautiful Dargon City
    Urban Residence with Beautiful Natural Resources

    Differ Beautiful Dragon City is located in the municipal center of Wendeng District, Weihai City, Shandong Province. The project is closed to the municipal building, the administrative units. The surrounding civic culture center, exhibition center, international exhibition center and sports are gradually completed.

  • Differ She People Ancient City
    China’s first street showcasing She ethnic customs and culture

    Differ Ancient She Ethnic Township is known as the “Window of China She ethnic townships”. The street is built through Public – Private Partnership (PPP) with the aim of showcasing the traditional culture of the She ethnic group.

  • Differ Fortune Center
    A system-wide financial landmark at Xiamen Cross-Strait Center

    Differ Group‘s head office‘ building is located at the core area of Xiamen Cross-Strait Center overlooking Wanda Business Circle and Wuyuan Bay Wetland Park.

  • Differ Chuzhoufu City
    The No. 1 ancient street of the style of Ming and Qing Dynasties in Southern Zhejiang Province

    The Chuzhoufu City project started from the 750-year-old Xingchun Gate Wall. It is the provincial key protection of cultural relics aimed at restoring historical and cultural sites back to their original states. These sites include Chuzhou Mansion, Siguo Nunnery, Guandi Temple, Yingxing Pavilion and the ancient streets and yards.

  • Differ Tianjing
    A high-end residential area in the Window of China She Ethnic Townships

    Differ Tianjing is located in Waishe New City, the most popular area for real estate development in Jingning, Zhejiang Province, in a town known as the “Window of China She Ethnic Township”.

  • Differ Shuxiang Haoting
    Live in convenient urban living circle in South Fujian Region

    Differ Shuxianghaoting is located in the New City’s city center at the southern side of Eastern Xiamen. In design, the project merges Oriental art with the Western one in its 200,000-m2 garden allowing residents to have intimate contact with nature.